I waited an hour for a dumpling.

Now that we have a teriyaki, sushi and Thai food joint on every corner I wonder what will be the next craze to hit every corner in a city near you. I’m guessing dumplings. I say this because I just waited an hour for one.

Let me back up for a second. Din Tai Fung has come to Seattle, well actually Bellevue. It’s a suburb of Seattle -home to Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer and many other software millionaires. While there is a lot of money in this town the food scene is still being cultivated. With a few exceptions most of the talent is across the bridge in Seattle.

This brings me back to the opening of Din Tai Fung. From the size of the crowds (and the wait) it seems that people have discovered something amazing; the dumpling. It must be life changing to propel someone to wait 60-75 minutes for a table. I had to check it out.

I skipped breakfast and put in my time (one hour wait) for a table. Once we sat I quickly made up my mind. We ordered the pork and shrimp dumplings and pork and crab dumplings. Each order included 10 and was $10.95. The waiter showed us how to make our own dipping sauce with a 1:3 ratio of soy sauce and vinegar that is pour over sliced ginger. It was quite good. In addition to the dumplings I also tried the spicy beef noodle and sticky rice with pork. I’m in a pork mood lately. I blame it on Anthony Bourdain.

The pork and shrimp was the best dish. The flavors melded together and the soup inside was nicely flavored. I did enjoy everything else but it didn’t really blow me away. Maybe it was the anticipation of waiting an hour for a table and seeing the packed restaurant. I was expecting to have a moment with the food gods. But that didn’t happen.

What did happen was I realized that I enjoyed the food and got to wondering if this was maybe the start of a new food craze. Some chef/entrepreneur will see the opportunity of people waiting around for dumplings and open up shop around the corner. This will be a success and spur others on until every little upscale burb on the west coast has a dumpling shop. I hope so. Because I do love a good dumpling.

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In love with: DVF Romper

DVF Skylar Romper $385 shopbop.com back

Wearing a romper maybe takes you back to when you were a kid. But don’t despair this style is definitely all grown-up.

Diane von Furstenberg is known for her oh so flattering wrap dress and amazing prints. She’s combined the best of both into a fun, sexy romper. During the day you can pair this with flats and a cute sweater and at night you can dress it up with high heel booties and a leather jacket.

For those of you worried about white/less than perfect legs – the trick is lots of bronzer. Or for the more daring pair it with black tights in the winter for an edgy and warmer option.

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Holiday Dressing: Make a Statement!

The holidays are here and that means only one thing: must find slamming dress for upcoming party. I’m obsessed this week with MICHAEL Micheal Kors sequin dress with neckwarmer. It has the perfect balance of holiday appropriate sexy and festive. Of course no dress like this would be complete without a pair of the strongest ply spanx and platform heels. Two tricks you need to instantly lose 5 lbs in whatever you are wearing.

Now got put on your special dress and remember to suck-in and smile when someone snaps your picture!

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Never simple weekend getaway

Planning for a weekend getaway is never simple. You have to consider travel time, packing and how much you want to “do” in one weekend. When I start planning what I consider a “simple” weekend away it usually turns into some painful matrix of ideas & places we can get to from our house in under 3 hours driving/flying time.

While making a decision is half the battle the other one is what to wear (something you can actually pack in a carry-on). I’m planning a quick jaunt to SF soon and will bring some key pieces that I can wear during the day but also dress up at night.

This TopShop gray blazer is perfect for throwing over a striped sweater while meeting friends for lunch and at night I can throw it over some skinny jeans or a dress and go out to dinner. The navy booties also do double duty. They look great with casual pieces such as a denim mini but can also pair with more dressed up options for going out.

Now if I could only figure out how to fit all my toiletries into a small plastic bag.

Large Mint Green Linen Suitcase
520 GBP – mysugarland.co.uk
Luggage »

J.W. Hulme Legacy Bag
$410 – barneys.com
Shoulder bags »

69 GBP – toast.co.uk
Wrap belt »

Mistral Shea Butter Soap Gift Set
$16 – anthropologie.com

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New Tacori Jewerly: Holiday Wish

This smoldering Red Onyx, yellow gold and diamond ring from Tacori is what I hope ends up on my finger for the holidays. I’m imagine pairing it with a bright blue dress to play with color and provide a fun contrast for this stunning piece. They also have beautiful necklaces and earring as well. Check out the stuff and put it on your holiday list this year or buy a piece for that special someone. I guarantee you’ll get more love in return than you can handle.

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Thankful holiday

I’m not normally a mushy person unless I’ve been drinking Maker’s Mark – but that is a post for another time.

My family and friends are wonderful and am so happy to have such loving people in my life. This has been a rollercoaster year for me and sometime seeing the positive is a challenge. So I am thankful for the amazing people in my life and my three very, very loving and loyal dogs. Enough of the mush – I haven’t cracked the Maker’s Mark yet so I’m stopping now.

Okay. So onto Thanksgiving fashion. There are really two schools of thoughts here. The first is the “wear something comfortable” camp and the other is “wear something fitted” so you don’t over eat camp. This year I’ve decided to combine the fashionable with the comfy. I’m definitely leaning towards the comfy –I like to eat!
Here is my Thanksgiving Day outfit obsession:

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Evening wardrobe staple

When I think about getting dressed for an important meeting or going out to drinks with friends I always look to the blazers in my closet.

Designers have definitely infused some cool and polish into a standard wardrobe staple. Lately I’ve been dreaming of the amazing Stella McCartney Wool-twill tuxedo jacket in ivory. This is a great piece that will take me from day to night. I imagine how much confidence I’ll feel throwing this on over my skinny jeans or over a simple black dress.

This standout star is an investment piece – cry once and love forever after. But like everything in life if it doesn’t hurt a little bit it’s not really worth it.

Stella mccartney jackets WHITE
1,171 GBP – matchesfashion.com
White jacket »

Lanvin Cutout leather pumps
$1,110 – net-a-porter.com
Platform pump »

Tom Ford Beauty Tuscan Leather Holiday Set
$975 – bergdorfgoodman.com

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