The less I tweet the more followers I have

Okay. I’m being somewhat sarcastic. But those bots really do have a way of following you even when you’ve been remiss on updates. And some are actually people. I just started a new job so I’m not as diligent lately in updating my blog or tweeting. Yet somehow I seem to get a few new followers everyday. I’m actually getting more followers now than when I was actually doing regular updates. So this leads to me think that I must not be that interesting. Or at the very least my static profile is much more interesting than my actual updates and posts. Or maybe that there is so much chatter out there being silent is what gets you noticed.

Maybe I will learn my lesson and keep a low profile. But I doubt it. I just love hearing the sound of my fingers typing…even if no one is listening.


About Justine

Fun-loving, curious, hopelessly addicted to caffeine Seattllite that loves food, fashion, travel, and new experiences.
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