New Year’s Resolution: Wear Color

Spring 2011 runway showed lots of bold color and this year I’m dedicated to infusing some of it into my wardrobe. I’m tired of my gray/black/white uniform. I feel like I’m always dressed for a funeral (or communist rally) and am looking to spring fashion trends to give me a boost of inspiration. This bold orange is very pretty and if you’re like me I plan to start slowly with a shirt and see how it goes. After all like any addiction one must go slowly so as not to shock the system.

Happy New Year. Happy Color!

Acne Cap sleeved t-shirt
25 GBP –
Cap-sleeve tops »

Stella mccartney skirts WHITE
322 GBP –
Vintage skirts »

Lanvin Coral Stone Cocktail Ring
$458 –
Coral jewelry »

Winter Kate Iris Vest in Poppy
$199 –


About Justine

Fun-loving, curious, hopelessly addicted to caffeine Seattllite that loves food, fashion, travel, and new experiences.
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One Response to New Year’s Resolution: Wear Color

  1. Amy says:

    I’ve been struggling with color as well. It’s so easy to fall into the comfort of basics! I love the look you put together, especially that fabulous floral skirt.

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