Never simple weekend getaway

Planning for a weekend getaway is never simple. You have to consider travel time, packing and how much you want to “do” in one weekend. When I start planning what I consider a “simple” weekend away it usually turns into some painful matrix of ideas & places we can get to from our house in under 3 hours driving/flying time.

While making a decision is half the battle the other one is what to wear (something you can actually pack in a carry-on). I’m planning a quick jaunt to SF soon and will bring some key pieces that I can wear during the day but also dress up at night.

This TopShop gray blazer is perfect for throwing over a striped sweater while meeting friends for lunch and at night I can throw it over some skinny jeans or a dress and go out to dinner. The navy booties also do double duty. They look great with casual pieces such as a denim mini but can also pair with more dressed up options for going out.

Now if I could only figure out how to fit all my toiletries into a small plastic bag.

Large Mint Green Linen Suitcase
520 GBP –
Luggage »

J.W. Hulme Legacy Bag
$410 –
Shoulder bags »

69 GBP –
Wrap belt »

Mistral Shea Butter Soap Gift Set
$16 –

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