Law of attraction

What is it that draws you to a certain pair of shoes, a piece of clothing or jewelry? Is it a thorough analysis of what you need in your closet? Or is it love at first sight – you see something in a magazine or online that jumps out at you?

Much like one would fantasize about a new love interest – I find myself having fashion fantasies. The object of my desire fills my mind. Does it fit into my wardrobe? Will I like it after the first wear? What will my friends think? Of course none of this really matters. When it comes to love no amount of analysis will make a difference. As the saying goes “the heart wants what the heart wants”.  

When I first saw the Alexander Wang Devon Graphic Sandal I felt that familiar twinge on my heart strings. There is just something so cool about these shoes. I just know they’ll go with everything and all my friends will approve – maybe they’ll even be jealous.  

Alexander Wang Devon Graphic Sandal in Grey and White $525 at


About Justine

Fun-loving, curious, hopelessly addicted to caffeine Seattllite that loves food, fashion, travel, and new experiences.
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