Live like your French

On my first trip to Europe I went to France. When it’s your first time you want it to be special. And there is nowhere more special to me than Paris.

The architecture, food, people and fashion were fascinating and beautiful. Drinking wine and eating cheese at lunch were two of my favorite pastimes. I wanted to live in country where drinking good (and affordable) wine is a birthright and serving bad food is considered rude.

While I dream of a life where I can jet off to Paris to pick up pate, cheese, a bottle of wine and the latest couture I have yet to find someone who will lend me their private jet and platinum Amex to take these jaunts.

So I will do the next best thing – order cheese from, an online French purveyor of fine cheese.  They put together wonderful cheese boards and sometimes have sets that also include the perfect wine.  

Beaujolias Vilages Nouveau wine and cheese selection.

About Justine

Fun-loving, curious, hopelessly addicted to caffeine Seattllite that loves food, fashion, travel, and new experiences.
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