$6 Creole

There is just something about New Orleans. It’s the sticky weather, bars open all night and all the good food that seems to ensure you always have a good time. It’s never forced. It’s meant to be easy and not to be taken too seriously. 

With thoughts of this great city in my mind I had to head out and try Toulouse Petit. A Cajun/creole joint on lower QuennAnne Avenue. Instead of doing the usual dinner thing my good friend Jeffflin Breuer and I went for the breakfast happy hour – $6 for any entrée!

What to pick for $6? I was so giddy about the price I had a hard time choosing. I wanted to order several things but my friend does not eat gluten – thus limiting what she could actually share with me. With no regard for her challenges (hey I was hungry!)  I wanted to order something wonderfully glutenous.  But don’t feel sorry for her she found something really good as well.

Staying true to my mission I started with beignets and then ordered one of the creole breakfast classics: Spicy shrimp creole with crawfish and sausage over creamy grits.

Thankfully I order the small plate ($4) which had 5 sugar powered beignets and chicory anglaise sauce. And per the earlier gluten comment I was on my own with them. They were light and cooked perfectly. I’m not sure I got the sauce – it was cold and it just didn’t blend with the dish but the flavor was very good.

While I wasn’t nursing a New Orleans hangover my main dish would’ve done the trick. The shrimp was cooked well, the sauce was spicy and the grits were a creamy, cheesy wonderland.

My gluten-less friend did manage to find something as well. She order the Duck Confit Hash. It was served with potatoes, parsnips, thyme and fried duck egg.  Everything was cooked well and was relieved that we found something appropriate on the menu!

Beside enjoying the food the decor is very cool. It looks like they have a good bar as well that I want to check out next time. I’m looking forward to seeing how they do for dinner.


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