The less I tweet the more followers I have

Okay. I’m being somewhat sarcastic. But those bots really do have a way of following you even when you’ve been remiss on updates. And some are actually people. I just started a new job so I’m not as diligent lately in updating my blog or tweeting. Yet somehow I seem to get a few new followers everyday. I’m actually getting more followers now than when I was actually doing regular updates. So this leads to me think that I must not be that interesting. Or at the very least my static profile is much more interesting than my actual updates and posts. Or maybe that there is so much chatter out there being silent is what gets you noticed.

Maybe I will learn my lesson and keep a low profile. But I doubt it. I just love hearing the sound of my fingers typing…even if no one is listening.

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Shopping Seattle: Spun

This week I found a great new shop based on a recommendation from my (gasp!) my mother. It’s not that her fashion sense is horrific (no mom jeans and scrunchies thank goodness) but I always pride myself on keeping up with happenings in the city.

14th street on Capitol is definitely growing with restaurants, coffee shops and wine bars. And now the neighborhood has a very cool clothing co-op. Sara Seumae is the founder/designer of SPUN Organic Clothing & SPUN Sustainable Collective. Her line is made up of lovely, affordable cotton dresses, t-shirts, cardigans, skirts and tank tops. All the material is organic and made in her shop. Her store also features clothing and accessories from other local Seattle designers. There was an amazing black swan dress as well some very cool laptop bags.

I’m a big fan of shopping locally and supporting entrepreneurs. So next time you want something to do go to Capitol and check out the neighborhood. Here is a picture of the dress I bought. I plan to wear it this winter with tights and my Oxford booties. For daytime glamour I’ll throw my fur vest over it. For the warmer months (yes we do have that in Seattle!!!) I’ll pair it with brown wedges.

Olive Cowl Neck Dress $70.00

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Most wanted this week:Stella McCartney RTW Autumn 2011

I’m loving items from Stella McCartney’s Ready to Wear Autumn 2011 collection.

Her elegant, chic styles are exactly what I want. I love the green colors and beautiful over sized coats. These are classic pieces that I’ll wear for a long time. It’s better to have a few beautiful pieces to add into your everyday pieces to make them look more polished.

Here are the three looks I want now:

stella-prefall-2011-jacket and skirt at

stella-prefall-2011 at
Stella McCartney RTW A11

Stella McCartney Suit RTW 2011 at

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New Year’s Resolution: Wear Color

Spring 2011 runway showed lots of bold color and this year I’m dedicated to infusing some of it into my wardrobe. I’m tired of my gray/black/white uniform. I feel like I’m always dressed for a funeral (or communist rally) and am looking to spring fashion trends to give me a boost of inspiration. This bold orange is very pretty and if you’re like me I plan to start slowly with a shirt and see how it goes. After all like any addiction one must go slowly so as not to shock the system.

Happy New Year. Happy Color!

Acne Cap sleeved t-shirt
25 GBP –
Cap-sleeve tops »

Stella mccartney skirts WHITE
322 GBP –
Vintage skirts »

Lanvin Coral Stone Cocktail Ring
$458 –
Coral jewelry »

Winter Kate Iris Vest in Poppy
$199 –

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Obsessed: Jil Sander Modal Twist Dress

2011 is right around the corner. Which gets me thinking about updating my wardrobe. This week I’m obsessed with this Purple Jil Sander Dress.

This piece has the laid back elegance that I love. The color is flattering on most skin types and the twisted detail and gentle draping is figure flattering. You can throw a blazer over it for work and at night just add some black eyeliner and sexy (green) high heels and you’re ready for a night on the town.

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Confused by a disturbing bumper sticker.

If you’re sensitive or uptight at all please don’t read any further. If you know me really well no topic I bring up will really shock you so continue on.

I always think it’s funny to see what bumper stickers people put on their car and try to imagine how important this must be to 1) permanently place it on your car and 2) let everyone in the world know. Normally I have no idea what it means or where someone’s kid is an honor student or their dog is smarter than one.

But yesterday I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating (note person driving the car was a woman for more context). The bumper sticker read: MY SON WILL TONGUE PUNCH YOUR MOM’S FARTBOX. Huh? Wipe my eyes and read again. Yes that is correct.

So let’s break it down. First the disturbing part – and it’s not what you think. I’m a “not for me but whatever floats your boat as long as it’s legal/not hurting someone person”. I was disturbed thinking there is a mother out there that really hopes her son will tongue punches your mother’s fartbox (come on its fun to say)? The phrase has the word will in it so you know it’s going to happen.

I would pay a million dollars to see this woman pull up in the carpool line at school. She must be thinking “I’ll show those honor students”. How come mothers like this never dropped their kids of at St. Joseph? It would have made school so much more interesting.

Now the confusing part. Is she saying this to anyone with a mother – i.e. an open invitation? If yes, then she forgot the phone number (yes I’m disturbed as well but we established that at the beginning of the post). Or was this some kind of message to her son’s girlfriend, her friends? If it’s her friend’s than she may have to add the word grandmother as well. Hmmm. Does she know if her son is really good at this and that is why she is bragging? Or is it a way to humiliate her kids for something they’ve done wrong? She’s tried grounding them, no phone, computer etc. all to no avail. This is her final attempt to figure out how to punish them? Brilliant. Either way it was a real mind bender trying to figure out why this bumper sticker was on her car.

Finally I thought to myself maybe it’s just the name of her Kid’s band. That makes more sense. If not I think it would make a killer name for a heavy metal group or a rap song. Just saying.

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Fashion as reason for travel.

This year I’m using some of my fave resort collections as my inspiration for planning a trip. Seattle weather gets bleak by mid-Jan (gray clouds and rain..sigh) and a sun break is definitely required to get me out of my dreary mood.

This year I’m getting some inspiration from the Tory Burch 2011 Resort. The vibrant colors and laid back feel make me want to book a trip to Hawaii. All I need is a carefree dress that can be worn day or night, white jeans, a cool tank top, khaki shorts, sunglasses, sunblock and my kindle. Of course I’ll still somehow bring the biggest suitcase I own but I’m working on that problem.

Now if someone could just invent a swim suit that made me look like a supermodel I’d be set!

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